Dr. Malika Kraamer

I am a visual storyteller with a passion for transcultural and transdisciplinary work. As a curator and cultural historian focusing on Africa and South Asia, I specialise in critical museum, heritage, disability and material culture studies. My primary focus is textiles and fashions, through which I examine West African historical entanglements with the world and how they are materialised and narrated today.

My academic and curatorial work covers local knowledge production, the heritage of mission, trade and colonialism, provenance research, and the practice of decoloniality in museums. I aim to apply insights from postcolonial and decolonial theories through collaborative research and exhibition projects, working with actors in academia, heritage, activism and the arts. I have written extensively on kente cloth, historical West African textiles, the Japanese sari, and dilemmas in museums concerning global heritage collections.

I began my academic journey at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam, which included studies at Leiden University, University of Firenze, and Sorbonne IV, I completed my PhD in African Art on Ewe kente at SOAS, University of London in 2005, under the supervision of Prof. John Picton. Subsequently, I worked as the Curator of World Cultures at Leicester Museums (UK) for over 10 years and for three years as the Curator of the Africa Collections at MARKK in Hamburg (Germany).

My current research explores the regional and global connections of historical textiles from Ghana, Togo, and Côte d’Ivoire with many partners in West Africa. The three research journeys in 2022, 2023 and 2024 have been generously funded by the Ethnos Kalos Foundation, Germany. In collaboration with the National Museum of Ghana, we are developing an exhibition that examines the museum’s history through textiles.

Email: m.a.kraamer@gmail.com

Publications and Exhibitions

Exhibitions, all co-curatored with local, national and/or international partners (selection):

  • Hey Hamburg, do you know Duala Manga Bell (curatorial team, MARKK, Hamburg, 2020/24)
  • Leicester’s Global Artist Object Journey (curatorial lead, Leicester Museums 2017/19)
  • The Art of Protest (in collaboration with CND Leicester, 2017/18)
  • Splendour of the Subcontinent: the Prince of Wales Tour 1875-76 (curatorial lead, Leicester Museums, additional interpretation for the Royal Collections Touring Exhibition; 2017)
  • Family Ties (in collaboration with the Black Cultural Archive, London, 2017)
  • Joe Orton (in collaboration with SoftTouch Arts, Leicester, 2017)
  • Leicester Perspectives on Gujarat/India’s Gateway (curatorial lead, Leicester Museums, 2015/16)
  • Oceanic collections (project-lead Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, 2014/16)
  • Suits and Saris (curatorial lead, Leicester Museums, 2012)


Peer-reviewed publications

2023 Kraamer, M, Unravelling Regional and Global Connections: Historical Kente and related textiles in Ghana, Togo and Côte d’Ivoire. African Arts, Autumn 2023

2023 Kraamer, M., ‘Abolitionism and Kente Cloth: Early Modern West African Textiles in Thomas Clarkson’s Chest’. In: S. Hanss and B. Marin Aguilera, In-Between Textiles, 1400-1800. Weaving Subjectivities and Encounters, Amsterdam University Press. [publicatie 15 februari 2023]

2022 Kraamer, M. ‘Beloved, Ignored and Contested: The Politics of Kente in Ghana Since the 1960s’. In: Akou, H. and McGregor, J. Creating African Fashion Histories: Politics, Museums and Sartorial Practice. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2021 Kraamer, M. and Essel, O.Q. ‘Creative Collaborations between Consumers and Fashion Designers: The Role of Fashion Posters in Urban and Rural Ghana’. In: S. Cheang, E. de Greef, Y. Tagaki, Rethinking Fashion Globalisations, Bloomsbury Publishing, 191-209.

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Publications (Selection non-peer reviewed, including MA&PhD thesis)

2022 Colemann, S., Gleba, M., and Kraamer, M., ‘From West Africa to Wisbech: analysing 18th-century textiles in Thomas Clarkson’s campaign chest’, Current Archaeology, 383

2021 MARKK curatorial team, Hey Hamburg: kennst Du Duala Manga Bell / Hey Hamburg, do you know Duala Manga Bell, exhibition run from 14 April 2021 to 01 February 2024. Catalogue available in German and English.

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Since 2014 Reviews on exhibitions, performances and museums; see www.malikakraamer.com (Archived)

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