Dana Dierks

As a student assistant, I support Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Binter in various aspects, including working on different projects and doing literature research.

Currently, I am completing my Bachelor’s degree, and my main areas of interest are new materialism, posthumanism, decolonial theory, and identity and spatial studies in transculturality. It is particularly important to me to think beyond the boundaries of my two fields of study – Anthropology of the Americas and Comparative Literature, and thus not only to generate knowledge in an interdisciplinary way but, above all, to question on an epistemological level how and with what powerful implications it has been generated.

I also try to explore this in my own literary writing in order to subvert the boundaries between deconstruction and reconstruction, science and art, and narrative and reality. I attend the College of Writing at the Schreibakademie NRW and am planning my BA thesis.